Window cleaning tips and tricks

3rd April 2018

Window Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Windows. They’re very much an essential part of our home, as we use them for seeing outside and seeing what’s going on. However, you can’t look out of the window and enjoy a good sunrise or check out what the neighbours are doing, when there’s an inch of dirt and grime sheltering you from the outside world. We’re taking a look at a few tips and tricks for window cleaning, some of which are even employed by professionals such as ourselves on a daily basis.

Use Two Different Cleaning Devices

To begin with, you’re obviously going to need a cleaning device to hand when you set out to sort your windows out. We advise using something soft and flexible, so you can get into the corners and harder to reach places, but also something which allows you the broadest area with one stroke for maximum efficiency. When it comes to cleaning your windows, you should try and use one set of brushes and scrubbers for the outside, and one for the inside. This is because you don’t want to transfer any more dirt from one side of the window to the other, and you want to avoid bringing in dirt and germs from outside if you can help it. You’ll find that this is how a lot of professional cleaners tend to work, so that they can deliver a better clean than you might be able to accomplish by yourself.

Use Vinegar If You Worry About Chemicals

Thankfully, there are options available for people who do not like to have a lot of chemicals in their home, even when they’re using a team of professional cleaners. All natural vinegar is fantastic for cleaning windows and a lot of other household surfaces, as it will help to cut through grease with a much greater ease than just soapy water, due to its acidic content. The best solutions for cleaning windows with are a blend of around 50% vinegar and then 50% water, and is something a sensitive cleaning service will be happy to provide.

Hire Out A Professional

If you want an expert finish to your windows, you can always hire out a KS Cleaning Contractors professional cleaning service to come and clean them for you. You can put your feet up, have a cup of tea, and watch professional workers clean each window with precision and efficiency. It’ll save you time, money and hassle, and in a world of disposable income that’s sometimes a very good thing indeed. Plus, we have access to a lot more in the way of tools, professional cleaning equipment, purified water (for streak-free windows) and can get to the higher up windows without any danger to your safety.

Overall, these are just a few tips and tricks that you could implement to clean your windows when they get dirty. A dirty window is not something which anyone wants, and when people come to your home, they are going to notice those windows and make a small judgment in their minds. To avoid this, it’s just much easier to keep them clean and tidy. If you’re going to use a professional organisation, then we’re the ones to turn to. We have plenty of experience when it comes to cleaning windows, and all of the tools and expertise needed to make your glass look as shiny and new as the day it was first fitted into your home.

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